MCS certified products and the Renewable Heat Incentive RHI

The Renewable Heat Incentive launched 9th April 2014

RHI The Renewable Heat Incentive is a grant scheme targeted at renewable heating systems. Biomass boilers, solar thermal, ground and water-source heat pumps are covered but not air source heat pumps.The RHI is centrally funded, unlike the FIT PV scheme which is funded by additions to utility bills (and so can be viewed as a sort of stealth tax if you were feeling cynical).

Unlike the Non-domestic RHI the customer applies for the payments and therefore it is importnat to be clear of all the facts.

For full details please see the Ofgem link below;

Advise about the RHI

Fact sheet 

Product eligibility list

Finding a Green Deal Assessor

Frequently asked questions

Commercial RHI

The Hetas website also has a great clear brochure;

Hetas guide

Apply for the RHI