Wood Burning Stoves

A wood burning stove has a flat bottom on which the wood burns on a bed of wood ash. Wood burns more slowly in a woodburning stove.

Multifuel Stoves

Multifuel stoves have a grate on which the fuel burns and an air inlet which allows air to enter from below this grate. An ash pan catches the ash as the fuel burns.

Wood Burning Cookers

Range cooker stoves heat your kitchen while cooking your dinner. Modern range cooker stoves are much more controllable than they used to be.


A wood boiler stove can be used to power your central heating system and to provide hot water as well in many different sizes, outputs and styles.

Central Heating Cookers

A fantastic option to heat your home and cook your Sunday lunch too.

Pellet Boilers

Wood pellet stoves heat your home in an environmentally responsible way using a low carbon fuel. Fully programmable and thermostatically controlled operation, many have the RHI available.

Pellet stoves

Pellet stoves are available in many styles and outputs, fully automatic and ideal for your home, conservatory or holiday home.

Double Sided Stoves

Double sided stoves are ideal for fitting in central chimney stacks where each side of the hearth is visible. Some people have the chimney stack.

Log Gasification Boilers

Gas Stoves

A beautiful range of convenient stoves burning either natural gas or LPG.

Defra Approved

Smoke-Controlled Stoves are DEFRA approved for use in smoke exempt urban, town and city zones. A fantastic selection of DEFRA approved wood burning stoves.

Inset Stoves

An inset or insert stove is built into a wall or false chimney breast. Inset stoves give you a 'window of flame' in your wall and are available in many different types.

Contemporary Stoves

Simple, elegant, stunning, modern and innovative our contemporary designer stoves have high design values as well as being technologically advanced.

Direct Air Supply Stoves

A direct air supply stove will have a spigot which allows you to connect it to an air duct which leads outside. The direct air spigot is usually at the back of the stove near the base.

Electric Stoves

Electric stoves provide an opportunity to install an exceptionally realistic coal or log effect stove without the need for a chimney or flue system.


An extensive range of traditional and contemporary fireplaces, combining supreme craftsmanship, quality materials and elegance in design.


From Companion sets, eco fans, baskets, carmon monoxide alarms, everything you need for your stove.

Beams, Shelves and surrounds

Wooden shelves, beams, surrounds and Geocast beams.

Central heating etc.

Thermal stores, laddomat, Esbe's and more...

Flues etc

Everything you need for your chimney and stove.




Whether you have a Shepherds hut, Yurt, Lodge, Safari tent, boat or simply looking for a portable stove we have the right stoves for you. We specialise in helping the public and trade too.