Charnwood Bay 5VL

Charnwood Bay 5VL is Charnwoods latest inset wood burning stove it is also available as the Bay 5GT . This version has the same landscape glass door features and also gives a 5 kw heat out put. The GT version has added features of a converting grate and an ash pan, for ease of cleaning the stove. It also has a convection fan which will help to distribute the heat generated by the stove to the surrounding area.


The C-four inset is a multifuel stove and employs Charnwood's converting grate which uses a single external control to switch from burning wood to solid and smokeless fuel and can also be used as a riddling grate without the need to open the door. Available in a range of 8 finishes to compliment any decor, the C-Four Inset is a real stove for everyone, everywhere.

SLX 45i

The Charnwood SLX 45i inset boiler has identical looks and features to that of the SLX20i, but features a thermostatically controlled, integral boiler that delivers a heat output sufficient to power 8-9 radiators and ample hot water. Because it is fitted with a water temperature sensitive thermostat, heating controls can be fitted, to give heat precisely when and where it is needed.

La Nordica Inserts

La Nordica Inset stoves come in many stunning styles and sizes. Ranging in outputs from 7 to 12 kw.

Focolare inset

The La Nordica range of beautiful inset stoves, including double sided stoves, huge glass panes and varies outputs.

La Nordica Crystal inserts

The La Nordica range of Crystal insets come in a variety of sizes, designs and outputs ideal for a modern twist to the traditional stove.

Runswick Inset Mk I

The Runswick by Town and Country is an inset stove, designed so that it is usually possible to install the stove without removing the existing fire back or boiler, without a lot of building work or alterations to the existing fireplace.


Woodfire stoves are strongly built wood burning boiler stoves that are designed to provide domestic hot water and central heating in an efficient, clean and sustainable way. They have a wide range of models that cover both insert and free standing stoves.

Zebru inset

The stunning contemporary Zebru Inset gasification stove can be installed within an existing fireplace or in a false wall. It has an incredible 93% efficiency and a large output of 14.9 KW powerful enough to heat the whole house, and yet all that is seen is two windows of fire in your wall.

Telford 5

The Hunter Telford 5kW insert delivers an impressive 3-5kW output and achieves 77.1% efficiency when burning wood.

Telford 8

The new Hunter Telford 8 Inset has retained its traditional styling but in terms of performance, it’s in a whole new dimension.

Telford 8 inset boiler

The new Telford 8 Inset Boiler Stove gives an impressive 10.4kW Output to Water and 5.1kW Heat Output.

Boru chieftan inset

The Chieftain boiler model is a class leader when it comes to an insert stoves.The Chieftain heats up to 12 single radiators and the hot water and gives a max of 2kw to the room.

Klover insert pellet

The Klover insert pellet boilers are a stunning stove which is cleverly designed and engineered. Available in the 18 & 22 to warm your home. Both RHI eligible.


The French Fondis inset stoves are made in the Alsace region and combine fantastic design and function. Fondis are our top of the range designer inset stoves and make a variety of models with sizes and styles to suit most needs and some show-stoppers that really impress.

Purevision PV5i

Following on from the standard PV5 freestanding stove, this Purevision PV5i inset model shares identical visual and performance features. This means you get the same window size, performance and features as you would with the freestanding model.

Purevision PV85i

The Purevision PV85i just like the PV85 is the largest stove in the range. It looks very attractive installed in the wall or in a fireplace suite.

BORU 600iB

The Boru 600iB is a stylish inset boiler. A sleek contemporary stove that will heat an average size house (up to 10 single radiators) With piping hot water you certainly will not be disappointed. So if it's a fireplace or a blank wall the 600B is the one.

Fireline 5 inset FPI

Create a stunning impression in your living room with the Fireline 5KW inset stove and enjoy the pleasure of a real wood burning stove.

Fireline 5 kw Taper

FPi5T is a 16" multi fuel taper 5 KW stove design driven directly by requests from customers for a much improved view of the fire in an 'easy fit' taper stove firebox.

BORU 400i

The BORU 400i inset stove is suitable for most standard openings. It’s stylish, sleek and contemporary with a choice of trims to suit your home.

BORU 600i

The Boru 600 Inset is a class leader when it comes to space heating. It has a massive 10kw output and a large viewing area of the flame. It has a separate door for removing the ash pan. The Boru 600i comes standard as a multifuel stove.

Fireline 5kw inset wide

The FPi5W is a mid sized 5 KW rectangular inset wood stove designed to fit 20" fireplace openings to neatly offer a mid size firebox unit retaining a 5KW nominal output.

Fireline 8 kw inset

A classical, yet contemporary design, the FPi8 features a truly stunning, wide flame window, which gives this model a room presence like no other wood-burning stove.

Monoblocco Inset

The stunning La Nordica contemporary inset stoves with huge glass panes make a beautiful feature in your home.

Boru inset 7

The Fiachra 7KW inset stove is a feisty one. It fits into your standard open fireplace. It has a massive output of 7 kw. This inset is truly amazing. With its natural convection you can be sure your hard earned cash is not going up the chimney. As with all Boru stoves they are 100% Irish made.

Boru inset 5

An Croi Beag is Irish for The Little Heart with a 4.8 KW output. The tapered fireback ensures the upmost of ease when fitting and its C02 burn technology ensures a cleaner burn. The Croi Beag Semi inset comes standard with an airwash system for cleaner glass and will suit a standard 16” or 18” opening.