Walltherm Zebru

The Wallthem Zebru is the first ever log gasification stove designed to go into a house, with an extraordinary 93% efficiency.The Walltherm Zebru won the award for "Best stove over 10kW" at the Home and Hearth show 2014.

Zebru inset

The stunning contemporary Zebru Inset gasification stove can be installed within an existing fireplace or in a false wall. It has an incredible 93% efficiency and a large output of 14.9 KW powerful enough to heat the whole house, and yet all that is seen is two windows of fire in your wall.

Zebru insulated

Ideally suited for modern well insulated houses, low heat output to the room can be important in a boiler stove. Walltherm have brought out the Zebru insulated model, reducing the heat output to room from 4.5 to 2.25 kW and giving an increased heat output to water. There are two types of finish on the Insulated Zebru stove, either a steel or a mineral finish which can be painted to any colour you wish.

Zebru Air

The 6-12kw Walltherm Air is purely a room heater, unlike the Walltherm Zebru models which have an integral boiler. The stove gives out a combination of radiant and convected warmth, enabling it to warm a big space without overheating the area immediately around the stove. The Walltherm Zebru Air has the addition of a fan which distributes the warmed air more quickly, making it the ideal choice for a large open-plan space. The fan is fully adjustable and can be set to silent once the room has come up to the desired temperature. The Zebru Air stove runs at an impressive 87% efficiency.

Klover Utility Boiler 40

The Klover utility log Boiler has the option of 2 sizes to suit a variety of homes.


“Europe’s Fastest Selling Gasification Boiler!” The Ventum gasification boilers by Arikizan is designed for efficiency, economy and conservation. of the environment. With 92% efficiency, emissions way below European and German regulations, adaptable to wood fuel moistures up to 33%, superior health and safety features and easy to use electronic controls, this gasification boiler is a testament of quality and perfection.


The VIGAS gasification boiler is one of Europe's No1 best selling boilers, its high efficiency qualifies it for the RHI payments. It can also operate on a range of Biomass fuels.