Boru products

BORU 600iB

The Boru 600iB is a stylish inset boiler. A sleek contemporary stove that will heat an average size house (up to 10 single radiators) With piping hot water you certainly will not be disappointed. So if it's a fireplace or a blank wall the 600B is the one.

Boru DS Boiler

The Carraig Mor double sided stove is unique as it is a freestanding double sided stove that will heat both rooms with 4 KW to each room and only needs 1 chimney with an integral back boiler. It will heat up to 10 rads or 45,000 btu’s.

Boru 20 & 30B

The Boru Carriag Mor boiler model has a massive output of 20kw. It heats up to 14 radiators and gives an Impressive 4kw to the room.