De Manincor products

Domino 8

The De Manicor Domino 8 is a stylish contemporary wood burning stove with 10 KW output for a medium to large kitchen.

Atmosphera 900

The Demanincor Atmosphera 900 is a contemporary take on the traditional range cooker stove. The 11 KW Output is ideal for a medium to large kitchen, in a variety of funky colours.

Domino 8 Maxi

The De Manincor Domino 8 maxi wood cooker stove has a larger oven than the standard Domino which means you can fit more in the oven. 10K output. displayed in our showroom.

Domino 6

The De Manincor Domino 6 wood cooker stove is a narrower version of the Domino 8. Like the Domino 8 it has a wide window to the firebox and can be combined with a matching gas cooker stove.

Domino 6 Maxi

The De Manincor Domino 6 maxi is a narrower cooker than the Domino 8 and has a full depth oven. 7.5 KW output.

Wood & Gas Combi

The De Manincor Domino 8 wood cooker stove can be combined with a matching Domino Gas cooker, making the best of both worlds for convenience and style.


The de Manincor family has been creating stoves and cooking hobs for domestic use since 1828, with a passion unabated. Reliable, durable, powerful and safe, the company’s wide array of stoves and cooking ranges are designed to satisfy the customer who wants something special.

FKA900 Boiler

The De Manincor FKA900 boiler stove is a stunning, up to date, new generation range cooker stove with boiler that has a window to the firebox so you can watch the flames.