Hunter products

Consort 5 Slim

The Parkray Consort 5 slimline has a nominal output of 4.2KW. If you have limited space, there’s no need to lower your expectations. Made in the UK. Displayed in our showroom.

Hunter Hawk 4

The Hunter Hawk 4 multifuel / woodburning stove. Combine the famous Hunter grate system with an effective airwash put them in a multifuel stove that will still fit into a small fireplace, and you have an efficient, sophisticated stove for the modest sized room. Add to that a very reasonable price tag and its easy to see why the Hawk has become a best seller.

Herald 5 Slimline

The Hunter Herald 5 Slimline has been designed to suit a shallower fireplace without compromising on performance. Incorporating cleanburn technology and a hot airwash to keep the glass clean and clear.

Hunter Herald 6 Double sided

The Hunter Herald 6 double sided multifuel / Wood Burning Stove is ideal for those rooms that have a central chimney and want to heat both rooms. The Hunter Herald 6 double sided Multi Fuel / woodburning Stove is available as a single depth S/D or a double depth D/D.

Herald 5 Compact

The Hunter Herald Compact 5 is perfect for small and cosy rooms. Just like its ancestors, this one has plenty of traditional charm and all the usual options. dEFRA APPROVED

Hunter Inglenook

The new Hunter Herald Inglenook multifuel / woodburning stove is large, low output stove. Under test conditions, the Hunter Herald Inglenook exceeds the new CE regulations on efficiency, yet only has a heat output of 7kW.

Hunter Hawk 3

The Hunter Hawk 3 is the smallest Hunter models but is definitely feisty. A choice of either traditional or contemporary doors are available.

Herald 4

The Hunter Herald 4 is available as a Multi Fuel or Wood burning Stove and is the most recent stove in the Herald range. The Hunter Herald 4 is suitable for smaller fireplace opening at the same time giving off a good heat output.

Kestrel 5

The Hunter Kestrel 5 multi fuel stove has a clean styling making it perfect for contemporary homes and would be beautiful centre piece that draws everyone closer.

Telford 5

The Hunter Telford 5kW insert delivers an impressive 3-5kW output and achieves 77.1% efficiency when burning wood.

Telford 8

The new Hunter Telford 8 Inset has retained its traditional styling but in terms of performance, it’s in a whole new dimension.

Hawk 4 D/S

The Hunter Hawk 4 double sided multifuel / Wood Burning stove is ideal for those rooms that have a central chimney and want to heat both rooms.

Herald 8 Slimline

With its slimline design,not only do you have outstanding characteristics, this high-powered model now comes with only a 5” flue for easy installation and delivers outstanding performance at only 5 KW output.

Herald 6

The Hunter Herald 6 multifuel / woodburning stoves have been creatively designed to combine the latest in stove technology with traditional good looks and values.

Herald 8

It’s warming toes all over the country – the Herald 8 is one of our biggest sellers. This beautifully traditional model is dependable, modest, and convenient. Despite a midsized footprint, this stove packs a generous 11kW maximum output – with minimum emissions and full CE certification. Each one is built in Britain to your specification: turn the page to view some options. There’s a reason why this is one of our longest-running models.

Herald 14

As British winters become increasingly unpredictable, we put a high value on economy. The Herald 14 burns fuel with minimum waste and maximum output. Don’t want to get up shivering in your pyjamas? This super-efficient stove can be left to glow overnight, providing welcome warmth at dawn. Perfect for family homes, this model makes a very sensible heating solution: just add a wraparound boiler and it will power up to 10 radiators. Forget the traditional dawn walk: put on a pot of tea and enjoy your morning!

Telford 8 inset boiler

The new Telford 8 Inset Boiler Stove gives an impressive 10.4kW Output to Water and 5.1kW Heat Output.