Klover products

Klover Ecompact 250

The new Klover Ecompact 250 is the new utility pellet boiler that Klover have released. The Klover Ecompact 290 is also available for a larger output.

Klover Diva

The Klover Diva pellet boiler has an output of 14. 8 KW which can heat your home and also your domestic hot water. MCS accredited this stove is environmentally friendly and highly efficient. RHI ELIGIBLE.

Klover Diva Mid

The Klover Diva Mid has an output of 20 kW, giving 17 kW to the central heating and hot water and 3 kW to the room. MCS accredited. RHI ELIGIBLE

Klover Diva Plus

The Klover Diva Plus is the largest of all the Diva pellet boilers with an output of nearly 25 kW, it will be able to handle the heating of most homes. MCS accredited.

Klover insert pellet

The Klover insert pellet boilers are a stunning stove which is cleverly designed and engineered. Available in the 18 & 22 to warm your home. Both RHI eligible.

Klover 80

The Klover Smart 80 is a wood pellet boiler which has a hotplate allowing you to boil a kettle or heat up a casserole and also runs the heating and hot water for your house. The Smart 80 has a staggering efficiency of over 90% and is finished in brushed stainless steel. RHI ELIGIBLE.

Klover Bi Fire

The Klover BiFire uses pellets and logs giving you total flexibility for heating and hot water. With a combined total of 18.6 KW to water and 10 KW to room.

Klover Bi Fire Mid

The Klover BiFire Mid is a smaller version of the Bi Fire although still has an output of 25 kW. Using a combination of log and wood pellets this boiler stove is able to power the whole house.

Klover 120

The Klover Smart 120 has total automation and a large output to water of 17.5 kW. Taking care of all your heating and hot water needs, a large oven and hotplate making this Italian model a stylish addition to your kitchen. We have the Klover Smart 120 in our home, running our central heating, hot water and cooking in the kitchen, appointments by arrangement . RHI ELIGIBLE.

Klover Utility Boiler 40

The Klover utility log Boiler has the option of 2 sizes to suit a variety of homes.

Klover Ecompact 290

The newly released Klover Ecompact 290 utility pellet boiler with 26.8 kw output to water. The smaller Ecompact 250 also available.

Klover Dea Eco Pellet

The Klover Dea Eco is smaller in size than the Dea, however is has the same output and high efficiency using the same sophisticated combustion system. The Klover Dea Eco has a simplified contemporary look with clean lines. It has an output of 8KW to room.

KLOVER PB 24 & 35

The Klover PB 24 & 35 pellet utility boiler are well designed and highly efficient pellet boiler that can fit easily into an existing utility space or garage and provide all the heating and hot water needs for a good sized house.

Klover 8 Dea Steel

The Klover Dea dry pellet stove is small in dimensions and mighty in output at 7.2KW. Available in many colours and a 18 kg hopper. Italian manufactured Klover stoves are renowned for their high build quality and reliability and the Dea is no exception.

Belvedere 18

The New Klover Belvedere Pellet Boiler Stoves bring smooth and sophisticated design creating a functional and yet attractive pellet boiler. RHI eligible.

Bellvedere 22

The NEW Klover Belvedere 22 is a pellet boiler which has an output of 17.1 kW to water and 2.9 kW to the room. The Klover Belvedere 22 wood pellet boiler stove qualifies for the RHI biomass grant, this provides payments to people who use renewable energy to heat their homes.

Klover Dual

The new Klover DUAL is a wood/pellet heating stove with unique and eye-catching design, the most innovative of the whole range. The fire doors with double ceramic glass, the handles “cold-by-touch” fixed, together with its soft, rounded lines and hand-made and hand-decorated tiles, are just some of the stunning features of this product. The complete and already assembled hydraulic equipment, the “SICURO top” system, very high combustion efficiency combined with low emissions, make DUAL a products virtually unique in the world.