Cove 2

OUTPUT 8kW (range 3-10kW)
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) 520 x 697 x 403mm

The Charnwood Cove 2 is a multi-fuel stove and is the middle sized stove in the Charnwood Cove range. With a multi-fuel converting grate the Charnwood Cove 2 can burn wood only or smokeless coal. The Cove 2 creates a powerful focal point for any room as it provides heat of between 8-11kW into the room. The stove is available with low stand as standard or with pedestal stand or log store stand as a optional extra.

One single curved door offers a breathtaking view of the fire inside the Cove, whilst highly advanced combustion system ensures optimum efficiency and an exceptionally clean burn.

The Cove 2 creates a powerful focal point for any room as it provides heat of between 8-11kW into the room.

The Cove stove is also available with the Charnwood Quattroflow Air Management System. This revolutionary patented air system uses 4 air chambers to provide just the right amount of are in the right places to achieves its ultra-efficient burn. The stove is also available with an external air manifold, enabling an outside air supply to be channelled into the stove through the rear of the Quattroflow box.

Convection panels which are available with the stove are designed to gently convect heat in to the room. They assist in reducing distances from combustibles to 250mm. The panels can be used to customize your stove by mixing and matching them. Choose from the standard Charnwood stove colours or why not go for the gloss black or union jack vitreous enamel finish panels to give that completely different look.

The Cove stove range is also available with a choice of 5 bases. The stove comes with the low stand as standard, or can be upgraded to the low arch, midi stand, log store stand or centre stand.
All the Cove range stoves are now available with the Flue Boiler optional upgrade. The Flue boiler replaces the first few feet of flew coming out of the top of the stove and can provide sufficient heat for domestic hot water and up to 3 radiators. The Cove 1 Flue Boiler has a heat output of 1.8kw and suitable for Direct Hot Water or 2 Radiators. 

Available with Smoke Reduction Kit allowing the stove to burn wood in a smoke controlled area
A Vertical Rear Flue Adaptor is available with all the Cove stoves. This allows you to position the stove further into the room and further away from the back wall. Adding a depth of 168mm to the Cove 1, 186 to the Cove 2 and 220mm to the Cove 3. 

Charnwood Cove 2 Stove Features:

  • Heat output range 2-6kw
  • Quattroflow Air Management System
  • Wood & Multifuel converting and riddling grate
  • Removable handle
  • Externally controlled riddling grate
  • Larger fire viewing glass
  • Airwash system for clean glass
  • Convection panels and rear heat shield
  • 7 colour shade options
  • Smoke Reduction Kit option
  • Five base option
  • Top or rear flue fitting
  • Flue Boiler optional upgrade
  • Vertical Rear Flue Adaptor
  • Suitable for installation on a non-combustible 12mm hearth
  • 10 Year Guarantee 


  • Cleanburn airwash technology
  • Quattroflow air management system*
  • Converting grate 
  • One tool to open the door, de-ash and empty
  • Drop down throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove
  • DEFRA exempt (sr) model available for burning wood in smoke control areas
  • Meets the UK building requirements for installation with a 12mm non-combustible hearth


  • Flue boiler 
  • External Air kit
  • Vertical rear flue adaptor 
  • Choice of 8 colours


Cove 2 low stand: £1,734

Cove 2 with low arch stand: £1,734

Cove 2 with midi stand: £1,818

Cove 2 with store stand: £1,830

Cove 2 with centre stand: £1,830


Cove 2 SR low stand: £1,734

Cove 2 SR with low arch stand: £1,734

Cove 2 SR with midi stand: £1,818

Cove 2 SR with store stand: £1,830

Cove 2 SR with centre stand: £1,830

Heat shield: £61.20



  • Fuel : Multi-fuel
  • Output : 8kW (range 3-10kW)
  • Efficiency : 74.7%
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 520 x 697 x 403mm
  • Flue Diameter : 6
  • Flue Top or rear (interchangeable)
  • Air Vent Needed : Yes
  • Weight : 127kg
  • Max Log : 370mm
  • Body : Plate steel, cast iron, fire brick, ceramic glass
  • Colours : Options available
  • Defra approved option available (Cove 2 SR)
  • Guarantee : Stove bodies are guaranteed for 10 years (with the exception of boiler models which are guaranteed for 3 years). All non-consumable body parts are guaranteed for 2 years.. Guarantees do not include parts deemed to be replaceable in the normal usage of the stove, such as glass, door rope seal and fire bricks.
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Optional extras
MK2 (£1,734.00)
Midi stand (£72.00)
Store stand (£96.00)
Centre stand (£96.00)
Vertical Rear flue (£51.00)
External air kit (£75.00)
Boiler (£90.00)


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