Ester Forno

OUTPUT 8.2 -9.5 KW

The New Ester Forno by Italian manufacturers La Nordica brings some contemporary design into the kitchen or lounge. Ideal for an area such as a log cabin where a wood burning range is too large the Ester forno with a nominal output of 8.2 KW will keep you cosy while cooking dinner too.

The natural stone finish is very stylish. 

As a La Nordica dealer our engineers have trained in Italy and toured the factory. We have a wide range of La Nordica products in our showroom, please call to see what we currently have displayed.

The La Nordica-Extraflame Group traces its origins back to 1967. Since then La Nordica has worked hard to expand and improve its product range, and has abandoned the simple stoves of yesterday in favour of evolved, diversified, and advanced products that can satisfy all the needs and preferences of today’s market. The La Nordica-Extraflame Group produces ultra-modern, classic and rustic style wood and pellet burning stoves as well as wood burning cookers, fireplaces and boilers. Many of our customers heat their home giving them central heating and controllability via their wide range of central heating boilers, cookers and pellet boilers.  La Nordica-Extraflame products lead the field and conform to the strictest emission regulations. They are also all CE marked and certified to international standards even stricter than those in force in Italy. La Nordica is a leader in wood burning heating appliances, and boasts an excellent reputation for developing new solutions to today’s ever more specific and demanding requirements. La Nordica’s vast range, including classic, rustic and modern product families, attention to detail, and consistently excellent quality prove the validity of this reputation. La Nordica brings top quality materials, accurate finish and attention to detail – in short, the best of aspects of Italian design – to customers all over the world.


  • Dimensions (W x H x D) : 540 x 1300 x 478 mm 
  • Net weight : 317 kg 
  • Firebox opening size : 300 x 340 mm 
  • Firebox dimensions : 295 x 315 x 300 mm 
  • Oven dimensions : 268 x 238 x 338 mm 
  • Flue outlet diameter : 130 mm sup 
  • Hearth : Ghisa-Nordiker™ 
  • Heatable : 235 m³ 
  • Nominal thermal power : 8,2 kW 
  • Global thermal power : 9,5 kW 
  • Adjustable primary air
  • Adjustable secondary air 
  • Pre-adjusted tertiary air 
  • Efficiency : 86,7 % 
  • Hourly consumption : 2,2 kg/h 
  • Con. external air aspiration pipe : 120 mm (opt.)
  • Distance To Non Combustibles: 100mm sides, 100mm rear
  • Distance To Combustibles: 
    300mm Sides, 300mm Rear, 500mm Front
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