Extraflame HP15 EVO

OUTPUT 4,4 - 15,2 kW
DIMENSIONS 560 x 1307 x 733mm
WEIGHT 256 kg
Feed Box Capacity 43 kg

The HP THERMOPELLET pellet-burning boiler offers the power and the performance of the best pellet-burning boilers of the Extraflame catagory as will as installation in very small places. Like other similar products with lower power, automatic ignition, self-cleaning burn crucible and piping, advanced programmable electronics, standard supplied circulation pump and expansion tank, all go to make a very compact and comfortable appliance, that is unique in its field using ecological fuel.

It gathers together all features of the greatest and most developed pellet boilers, but allows installation in small spaces, different from the boiler room. The new attractive design distinguishes and characterises it as a rare find in the small pellet boiler sector, heating up to 435 cubic meters of space. The automatic ignition, the self-cleaning pot and shell and tube, the advanced and programmable electronics, the standard supply circulation pump and expansion vessel, make it a unique product of its type, simple to install and easy to match to existing plants.


  • Dimensions ( W x H x D): 560 x 1307 x 733mm
  • Net weight :  256 kg 
  • Smoke outlet diameter : 120 mm 
  • Heatable : 430 m3 
  • Nominal thermal power : 4.0- 15 kW
  • Global thermal power : 5,0 - 16,9 kW
  • Efficiency : >90 % 
  • Hourly consumption : 1,0 - 3,5 kg/h
  • Feed box Total capacity : ~ 43 kg 
  • Over heating Thermostat : Yes
  • Electric consumption : 140 - 180 W
  • Draught : 3 - 10 Pa
  • Pump and expansion tank : Yes
  • Con. external air aspiration pipe : 50 mm 
  • Weekly chronothermostat : Yes
  • Safety valve 3 bar : Yes
  • Ash Drawer
  • Self-Cleaning stainless steel brazier
  • Heat exchanger with automatic cleaning sysyem
  • Foreseen for external thermostat (TA)
  • PRICE: £3799
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300 KG Hopper (£1,270.00)


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