Output 8 KW
Dimensions (w x h x d) 490 x 706 x 430
Colour Charcoal
Weight 105 KW
Efficiency 79.8%

The Giulietta stove is a traditional style stove, with a large viewing window in the single door.
The La Nordica Giulietta 8 Wood-Burning stove is manufactured to the highest EU standards in quality cast iron and is an extremely robust and dependable stove. The La Nordica Giulietta has a unique compact design meaning it will fit in small fireplaces.

The latest wood burner building techniques were used to manufacture the La Nordica Giulietta log burner, which does not come as a surprise anymore when it comes to Italian stove manufacturers. This stove meets the highest building quality standards, it is very reliable and is particularly durable and will stand the test of time. The technology it uses gives it a great deal of advantages over other similar stoves; the burning time being three times longer, its efficiency rate and environmental friendliness being impressive and its consumption of fuel being very low.

The La Nordica Giulietta log burner fits any decor, so it can be placed anywhere around the house. The Italian style is reflected not only in its technical specifications, but in its design too, the satin enamel finish of the Giulietta stove breaths elegance and sophistication.




  • Dimensions (W x H x D) : 487 x 706 x 430mm 
  • Weight: 117 kg
  • Flue outlet: 125mm/5”
  • Construction: cast iron
  • Colour: anthracite black
  • Finish: satin enamel
  • Fuel: wood
  • Heat output: 6kw
  • Maximum heat output: 8kw
  • Efficiency rate: 79.8%
  • Consumption per hour: 1.7 kg
  • Primary air: adjustable
  • Secondary air: adjustable
  • Tertiary air: adjustable
  • Riddling grate
  • Airwash control for cleaner glass
  • Exquisite satin finish
  • Cast iron stove body construction
  • High Efficiency
  • Free UK delivery
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Price: £737.00
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