Thermo Rosa

Total Output 15.5 KW
Dimensions (W x H x D) 1017 x 852 x 662mm
Oven Dimensions (W x H x D) 245 x 300 x 384mm
Weight 220 Kg
Output room 6.5 KW
Output water 9 KW

The Thermo Rosa DSA is a remarkably beautiful cast iron range cooker benefiting from all heritage of the La Nordica range cookers manufacturing techniques, which still meet the needs of all varieties of kitchens.

The Thermo Rosa DSA is, in addition to being a dedicated wood burning cooker, is also a fully functional boiler capable of providing central heating and domestic hot water.

The total output to water is 9kW and the output to room is 6kW, not to mention the indispensable inbuilt DSA mechanism allowing it to be fitted into pressurised system.

The La Nordica Thermo Rosa has delightful country farmhouse characteristics and has the flexibility of generating heat, hot water and cooking in this large capacity oven. The La Nordica cooker is available in two colours, Burgundy and soap stone.

D.S.A. is short for Dual Serpentine Array which is a safety device which makes it possible to fit the boiler into a pressurized system.

  • Primary & Secondary Air-wash control
  • Large flame viewing window
  • Chrome fender
  • Removable hob rings
  • Heat storage drawer
  • Oven temperature gauge
  • Heat control damper
  • Insulated lid
  • Top or rear flue outlet
  • Fitted with "Safety Cold Water System"
  • 18.5 L Boiler capacity
  • Efficiency 79%
  • Free Delivery


  • 15.5kW Nominal heat output
  • 19.4kW Maximum heat output
  • 9kW Heat output to water
  • 6.5kW Nominal heat output to room
  • 14ltr Heat exchanger capacity
  • 3 Bar working pressure
  • Air wash control (primary and secondary)
  • Large viewing window
  • Chrome fender
  • Removable hob rings
  • Storage drawer
  • Oven temperature guage
  • Heat control damper
  • 79.9% Efficiency
  • Door opening size - 220mm x 265mm
  • Firebox size - 265mm x 285mm x 410mm
  • Oven Size - 330mm x 300mm x 410mm
  • Average hourly fuel consumption - 4.5 kg/hr
  • Italian manufactured
  • Free UK mainland delivery
  • RRP: £2692 Our price: £2299

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