La Nordica Pellets

The vast number of Model available for pellet stoves are huge which means there is pellet stove for everyone's home.

Evolution Wendy

The new Extraflame Evolution Wendy pellet stove is ideal for passive or low energy homes, with an output from 2.5 to 10 KW.

Teodoro pellet stove

This very traditional wood pellet room heater is a lovely addition from Extraflame. With an output ranging from 3.5-10 kw this is a very versatile stove.


The Extraflame Moira stove Moira is suitable for up to 186m3 room heating. The stove is available in two different colors: red, black and white. Remote control is included. Output 3.2 to 6.5 kW


The new Evolution Mietta by Extraflame has an output of 2.5 to 8 KW and available in Burgundy and white.

Klover 8 Dea Steel

The Klover Dea dry pellet stove is small in dimensions and mighty in output at 7.2KW. Available in many colours and a 18 kg hopper. Italian manufactured Klover stoves are renowned for their high build quality and reliability and the Dea is no exception.

Klover Dea Eco Pellet

The Klover Dea Eco is smaller in size than the Dea, however is has the same output and high efficiency using the same sophisticated combustion system. The Klover Dea Eco has a simplified contemporary look with clean lines. It has an output of 8KW to room.

Doroty Pellet

The La Nordica Doroty Pellet Stove is highly efficient, clean burning and has automatic control with all the warmth and comfort of wood heating. With a 3.1kW - 9kW output range, the La Nordica Doroty pellet stove provides beautiful warmth and is suitable for any large room.